To all those who are suffering: You are not forgotten.
Written by:

Colleen Tyrrell Llacsa

December 24, 2020

This Christmas is the first one I can say that I am well and recovered from the spinal fluid leak that brought me to my knees. Almost 6 years ago, I remember wondering if my brain could withstand the suffering or if I would ever be able to have any quality of life. Today, I am so much better. However, as I write this there are thousands of people bedridden in so much pain suffering from spinal fluid leaks. They are too ill to sit up at a table for dinner and are hoping that somehow, someway they can recover. The gap between their suffering and their dream come true is research. The Tyrrell Foundation, thru our amazing donors, has been able to fund critical research at Duke University and The Spinal CSF Leak Foundation. This condition is so complex and not well understood. Doctors are just at the beginning stages of research and need more support to continue to find treatments and save lives. Donations to the Tyrrell Foundation go directly to research. Support these efforts at The Tyrrell Foundation.

To everyone who helped me I can never thank you enough. To all those who are suffering: You are not forgotten. Never give up and Keep fighting.

With Gratitude,